/* Axel's Oneshots */

A oneshot? It's a non-series fanfic. It's a simple fanfic, alone, but which still relates something.

Here's what Axel gave us recently.

15 years after the events of The Child Of Love, this story is about my lovely Teri-chan! I hope you'll all like it! :)

Just a Child... - HTML
This story happens after Shinji's 400% synchro. His salvation didn't go as planned, and on top of all, Misato's coming back one night with a baby and I'm stuck with him while she go spending the night with Kaji! I can't believe this woman! Well, here I am baby-sitting, and I never did it before...

Friends or Rivals?
Another side-story to The One I Love Is... by Rakna. Here we're learning what happened between wondergirl and me while Shinji was away for a month...

Body Heat - LEMON
Warning, this is a LEMON story. It means that if you're under 18, you shouldn't read it. Oh, the story? Well, Shinji and I are caught in a snowstorm during a mission inside a cave... And we are freezing...

Shinji, will you dance with me? - LIME
Sequel to the previous story :) I still owe a dance to Shinji... Warning, this fic contains LIME material, which means that there are scenes with a slight degree of erotism/sex (nothing more)

Asuka, will you dance with me?
Well, Shinji has both his legs in plaster because I made him stumble in the school stairs and... he was going to ask me to the dance, that idiot...

A Tale That Wasn't Right
This is a "darkfic". That means that the end is an unhappy one. It's always on me and Shinji, don't worry!

A side story to The One I Love Is... by Rakna this time on my point of view! Axel wrote a great thing, you'll see!

As usual, these fanfics were written byAxel Terizaki. In English, obviously.