/* An Amnesic Angel */

Well well well, what happened to me this time, Axel? WHAAAAT? I'm amnesic? How does?! What? I would have lost against an Angel? Ahh, you reassure me, hopefully I killed that damned monster! Now you know everything. I am amnesic, I don't remember anything nor anyone... They will force me to cilmb into a giant robot in order to defend the planet and I'm stuck up with Shinji... because... because he's the onlyperson I can really trust, here it is.

As usual, another story from Axel Terizaki. In English of course.

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First Memory - The Accident (English)
Second Memory - Familiarization (English)
Third Memory - The Source Of One's Mind (Anglais)

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First Memory - The Accident (English)
Second Memory - Familiarization (English)
Third Memory - The Source Of One's Mind (English)

Explanation... by Axel!
Ok, one have already asked me so many times... Here's a little explanation about the end of "An Amnesic Angel". Damn, it's like End Of Eva... :-)

Asuka's problem has been a "shock" of two personnalities inside her soul. When Unit-02 went berserk while fighting the Angel, Asuka has been "invaded" pby the mind, or rather the personnality of her mother, Kyoko. This "choc" resulted in a temporary amnesia. In the first two chapters, it's thus Kyoko's "personnality" (and not her soul) who reacted towards Shinji. At the end of the second chapter, Kyoko is being "aggressed" by her own daughter in her mind. The shock of the two personnalities continues. In the third chapter, while Asuka (with Kyoko's personnality) try to more or less shut Asuka up, who in the meantime tries to take back control of her own body, Shinji asks her to tell him her past. But they have to do the harmonics test (which is only an excuse to make the children come). But Unit-02 goes berserk again. It's then, and that's true that I would have to write it, but hey what do you want, we can't cut the action at that moment, that Asuka notices that she doesn't live only for herself... Shinji's here too. This is why her mom's personnality goes back inside Unit-02, and Asuka recovers her memories, and is now the same as before (well, sort of). Of course, to have some little fun, she fakes being amnesic, and at the end... well you know what happens...

Here it is, I hope that helped you to understand!

You could have done a simpler ending Axel, ne?

But, I couldn't kill you all!

Never mind...