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So, here is a picture gallery from Evangelion. For each thumbnailed pic, you only have to click on it to view it fullscreen. Isn't it wonderful? Also, I did a quick comment of the pic, to please you. I am so nice, don't you think?

NOTE: The thumbnails are approx. 20-30% smaller than the original picture, expect in certain cases.

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Myself in a hammock... And stop slobbering!
Blblblblblblblblblblbl! :-)
I know it's my classical sundress but this drawing gives me so much more value...
Here I am in my plug-suit...
One of the rare pictures where I wear a kimono
Our three working tools. (look how Rei's Unit 00 is on the back, ha!)
I am cool on this one, don't you think so?
Have you seen how my Shinji is brave and strong...!!
Hehe, you never saw me playing base-ball (I don't know what is Rei doing here, she's a failure everywhere, anyways... Well, I don't have an Eva which goes berserk when they try to activate it...!
Now the 64,000,000 yens question : Who's gonna receive this chocolate box from me, huh?
Me, my life, my work.
I know I am gifted with everything, even with music!
I've only one word to say : The guy has mispelled my name on the back! It's Sohryu!
Me again in my plug-suit... You're gonna succumb, aren't you?
Shinji and I the day of our wedding (yah sorry you perverts, he ruined all your chances.) Isn't he cute in his nice tuxedo?
In a kimono again...
There is even some people who draw me in 3D! I'm an idol, I told you!
Me again in a three dimensionnal format...
Oh... Shinji seems so self-confident...! I'm giving in!
I'm a real top-model, I told you...
Some are real artists, ne? Well, when I'm here, it's already art!
Naw naw, you won't see what's down!! Ecchis!
Pfff, look at this nice angelic face... AND DON'T GO DOWN OR I KILL YOU!
Shinji plays the shy boy, but he already knows he can't resist me....
I think there's no comment to do, isn't there?
Another picutre showing my beauty...
Ahah, I turn you on, huh you perverts!
Yeah yeah!!! I'm coming!!!
Another tribute to me...
Do you see these curves? Stop slobbering!
I should be sculpted, don't you think so?
Shinji and I in a perfect harmony!
The two ost beautiful females of Evangelion... Well, the most beautiful aside the most freezeing.
I don't know why I reacted like that knowing that he was peeking on me... I didn't know him very well, that must be it..
(with an innocent voice) Axel?

What's this?
Hmmm...A Rei picture?
WHAAAT? A REI picture!!? What is it doing here, huh!??
I feel very weird...
Why am I holding her hand?!!
I am calm when I leave a good hot bath you know.
Here's a nice group picture.
Shinji's Unit 01 coming to save me! (haha :-))
We are cute in SD too, huh?
If Misato keeps scaring my Shinji like that she's gonna be in a lot of trouble!
Pfff, Misato always needs some Yebisu before starting a day
Misato could be a good rival in arts, don't you think so?
Her agian, in her work outfit.
Hopefully, we have been well-paid for this picture.
Sometimes I'm surprising myself with my beauty.
Shinji's Unit 01 in all its beauty.
AXEELLLL!!!!! She's back! Have you a logical explanation for THIS?
Err.... Accumulation of coincidences?
You surely know how to calm me down, huh?
(stamping her foot...) Axel?
Hey this kimono's so cute, isn't it?
Ok, it's decided, I kill you, unless you become my slave!
Oh yes, my queen!!! I want to be your slave, forever!! ;-)
She's everywhere! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
The...the...HURE!!!! (ask your German dictionnary)
Phew, it's better... This swimsuit is cool, don't you think? And I only wear it for my Shinji!
I am the Evangelion Goddess, right? Without me, this series wouldn't have any value.
"Wanna fuck?" ahahahah!!!! (read "The Child Of Love")
It's so boooooring!!!
Another nice group picture.
Don't look behind!
Yeah I already tried to challenge Wondergirl once, but she refused. In fact, she's nothing but a coward! Well, it's better to refuse a duel against me than being humiliated...!
A nice wallpaper for your desktop on Christmas Holidays, isn't it?
A very nice picture of my Shin-chan!
If he goes on, I give in.
Me and my daughter, Teri, five years later.
But who is he looking at here?!
SHINJI!!! What were you looking at, huh?!