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Heres a picture gallery on Evangelion. For each thumbnailed picture, you only need to click on it to get a bigger version. I also put comments on pictures, to stimulate you. I'm too kind, don't you think?

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NOTE : Thumbnails are approx 20-30% of the original picture.

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NOTE 2: Pictures 173 to 201 have been taken from this site owned by Purlace.

You remember this picture? hehehe...
I am sexy in my pajamas, don't you think?
I'm the new Lara Croft, mwhahahahahaha!!!! :)
I wear those clothes when I come to France to see Axel-san and Juju-san! :)
Oh! I didn't know Commander Ikari and Vice-Commander Fuyutsuki were doing this... kind of things!! :)
*sigh* My best friend with that stooge...! How depressing!
I love my Shin-chan so much...
Funny drawing, don't you think?
If I were listening to myself I'd fall in love with myself! :P
It doesn't surprise me very much if Shin-chan fell for me... :)
Another drawing from SaturnAlice! A nice wallpaper featuring Teri-chan! What do you think of it? :)
Not a bad pose, ne?
I think we have some big breasts on this picture...! ^_^;
Who allowed you to peek while I am changing!!!?
I'm sure you're all dreaming about having me as your girlfriend with that angelic face! :)
Me and my great Eva-02! :)
Me and this... grmble of Rei! :)
Shin-chan plays the cello so good... One could say we are in heaven...
Yeah, I take off my swimsuit so I can get some sun, and so what!!!?
I love my Shin-chan, so much... (NOTE: If someone knows where to find or owns the complete dojinshi this picture is from tells Axel! He said it was urgent! :)
Misato and Pen² in a typical egyptian style! Not bad, heh? :)
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Aren't I elegant in this outfit? :)
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Yeah, we need to do some conversion, when a series is finished! :)
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Ah, it's better once colored, don't you think? :)
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We are a nice couple, don't you think?
Aren't I so cute that you would eat me there? :)
Me in my beautiful work outfit!
THAT is some kimono, heh?
Again, in my work outfit (it's cuter this time!)
In my work outfit, again.
We are all united, us, Children.
My Shin-chan and the three women the most important in his life... Well, it depends for who...
He's very well surrounded, don't you think...?
It's when I look vulnerable that I'm the most cute, ne?
We need to rest a little, after a mission.
Why am I feeling so strange when I'm near him?
Me under different poses
A nice poster! :)
How am I looking with that hat?
Hey Shinji, what are you thinking about?
Probably one of the first drawings of us...
The 5 Children!
Aren't I very appealing like that?
I'm surprised of my own beauty sometimes... :)
What, what does that Toji jerk want, again?
I love to tease my Shin-chan.
So, how was it, Shin-chan?
A very nice poster, again.
Who can pretend to resist me!?
We are in traditional clothes here. The kind of things I don't like to wear!
Hikari is soooo shy :)
Again, the 5 children.
In whatever position I am, I'm still sooo sexy!
I love this kind of group pictures! We look so happy!
Yeah yeah! I'm cuter than her!
My Shin-chan seems to have some appealing... :)
Only 3 children here.
A Teri-chan drawn by a little fan! Isn't that cute...?