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So, you want to leave, hmmm? I don't have any objection, but on one condition : go throughout one of these sites! If I've found them cool, you're surely like them!

Geez... You'd think that with the administration change, things'll get sorted out... No such luck though. Ah well, at least Myssa's okay. Start on refilling the links gradually as well, in conjunction with the links of her own site, Myssa's Heaven.
The personal webpage of the current administrator of this site, Myssa Elaine. She's a competent enough illustrator, and you'll find most of her EVA-based works there, as well as some of her own original pics. She's also a storywriter, and her fics are archived there as well. You might as well check it out, ne?
An EVA-fiction review group started by Alain Gravel, the SEELE review group gives their thoughts on the high and low points of some of the stories they've read. A nice starting point for those who'd like to see what story might or might not be worth the read.
Though Myssa doesn't seem to approve much of this site being here, the link's been here since Axel was an administrator, and well, I haven't got the heart to take it off, even if it's a place even I wouldn't want to go to. Ah well... If you love fanfiction, this might be a nice place to start, but take care, because most of the stuff there are unmoderated, at least to my knowledge. Discretion is advised.
Home of one of the most controversial groups of EVA writers on the NET, the Darkscribes have quite a visible, if somewhat intimidating, presence in the EVAfan community. Myssa is a member of this little commune, though it boggles the mind why such a nice girl like her would be in such a group. Anyway, it's worth the visit, as there are a lot of stories written by many authors archived there, but do so at your own risk.
A new archive put up by some of the people at the Darkscribes, Evafics.org is a moderated site that seeks to take over the work left by the classic "In Other Words" (IOW, for the unschooled) fanfic archive. The archive is an alternative to FF.net, though it is tightly moderated at best. Do take a look.
The original Evangelion fanfic archive, IOW is a good place to look for those hard-to-find fanfics that you can't seem to find on the NET anymore. Though at this point it is not quite sure whether Terra is still moderating the site or not, give the site a visit. You won't be disappointed.

Alain Gravel's Evangelion Page

A site of my good friend Alain Gravel, author of "The One that I Love is", "Chosen", and other works, his website is quite basic but features a rather large fanfic archive... In fact, it's one of the places where Myssa's been asking for the files she needed to fill up my notebook's archive again. Anyway, it's worth a visit
A little peek at our little writers' commune, this should show all of you non-fanfiction writers how crazy everything for us are. [chuckles]