/* Frequently Asked Questions */

So, you'd like to know how the ASUKA's Notebook made? You ask yourselves questions? I'll try to answer them, 'cause Axel is a bit fed up with receiving mails containing the same questions everytime... So, where should I start...? :)

Q: How big is the ASUKA's Notebook?
A: ASUKA's Notebook is currently around 50 Mb big.

Q: What kind of server hardware do you use?
A: One server hosted by EasyNet, which I would like to thank for their incredible service and network platform. They provide me with PHP4, MySQL and a few other useful goodies, like a stream server.As you can see, Axel can still improve this site with new functiunallities! :)

Q: Which software do you use for this
A: For the HTML, we used WebExpert 3 and Editpad. As for pictures, we used Paint Shop Pro 5. For the uploads, there is CuteFTP And for the design, I don't exactly know, but Lilins told me about Fireworks, Adobe GoLive! and Dreamweaver I think...

Q: What does the ASUKA's Notebook give in numbers?
A: It's more than 660 000 accesses since February 1999, with an average of 2 000 accesses per day, so around 60 000 during the month. We have welcomed this far more than 20 000 unique visitors since February 1999. Still, Axel's wondering how he did the high score of 120 000 accesses during the month of August 1999. Try to beat it! :)

Q: By the way, the visit counter isn't very high. Are you sure of what you're saying?
A: BAKA!!! It's because this counter leaves a "cookie" on your computer! So, the counter reflects the number of unique visitors! Unfortunately, many websites put counters that count one visit each time a user comes, tampering a bit the count, actually... It's no surprise some websites have such a higher counter! :) (No Sohryu Asuka Langley's not jealous! :))

Q: Who should we thank for this website?
A: You should first thank Axel Terizaki who's my Notebook's creator. Comes next Lilins already famous for the design of some nice anime sites! It's thanks to him that you're visiting my notebook in panache and elegance! :) Finally, the last one, OrcRys, who came to lend a hand to Axel in the website's updates! And a big thanks too to Vampire666 who graciously offered 100 Mb from his FTP account for my personnal comfort! :) A really great team, I told you! Ah, and me in all this? Well, I... errr.. I watch and give orders!! :)

Q: Why are there all those things labelled as "Access Denied"? Why can't I go there?
A: Raaaaaah, you're hopeless... The files labelled as "Access Denied" are obviously fakes. They doesn't exist, period. That was a joke, happy!? :)

Q: The fanfic page is too long to load!
A: Hey but why are you complaining!!? Axel's working right now on a fanfic database system in MySQL which will allow dynamic updates of pages when the database will be updated itself! And you'll even be able to customize your search through the database, by fanfic name, by author, by title, by size, by date... Isn't life really cool? :) Ha, Axel's telling me it's already done and you can now use the search engine! Nice! :)

Q: Where can I send my fanfic so it can be posted there?
A: Nowhere if your fanfic is already on another archive. This is an opiniated fanfiction archive, which means that Axel only puts (with my agreement, that is) fics that are (mostly) worth reading. However, if you're a newcomer in the fanfic world, you can write to Axel so he can tell you what he thinks of it.

Q: Why are we waiting so much for updates!!?
A: Simply because we haven't the time to update everytime! :) I have your big asses to save from the Angels, Axel has Julie-san and his studies to take care of, and OrcRys as well! So, have some patience, okay? :)

Q: How comes that at Anipike this site is referred as "Evangelion MAGI Database"?
A: It was the former name of this site before it became my Notebook. The project was ambitouis, but unfourtunately, people wanting to help Axel were rare. Since, he changed everything, and it's far better! But why does Anipike always referrs it like this? Well, Axel told me it was the third or fourth time that he tried to tell them to change the link, but they never did anything it seems...

Q: What's the Ayanami's iBook ?
A: Ah, Wondergirl's such a copycat! She had to find a laptop too and here's the result! ^_^ The Ayanami's iBook is the ASUKA's Notebook sister site. Owned by TerraStrife, it's for all the lovers of this... hmmmmrrrr... :)
Unfortunately, the site is dead now. Ha, I knew it, a wondergirl site can't last that long! :)

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact Axel!