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Here's the series which I belong to! Shin Seiki Evangelion! Now I have a problem : where must I start to tell you what's going on? Really good question... Quick summary of the fbeginnning:

Quick summary
Here it is, we are in 2015. Just 15 years ago, a cataclysm stroke the south pole. A cataclysm later referred as "Second Impact". According to the gouvernments, it seemed that a meteor would have crashed on the south pole and would have melted the ice, causing a an incredibly high sea level rising. Billions of people died, not mainly because of the sea level rising, nor from the climatic changes, but also from civil wars and other disasters that occured a bit later. A meteor? The hell it is! The thruth is in fact entirely different.

The first scenes from the first episode take place while a young 14 years old boy, Ikari SHinji (my future husband, ahem.) arrives at Tokyo-3, a fortress city built after Tokyo-2. He has been called by his father for a reason he totally ignores, while the said father abandonned him a few years ago.

But when he arrives and begins to wait that Captain Misato Katsuragi comes to get him, the city is in a siege state by an unknown extra-terrestrial creature. The JSSDF (Japan Strategic Self Defense Force) tries by fair means or foul to shoot it down, but nothing is really working. Conventionnal weapons seem futile against this threat. The army then calls NERV, organization-subsidiary of the United Nations in order to repel the invader.

These ones use then their secret weapon, the Human Synthetized Evangelion! A kind of giant mecha (robot) piloted by a mysterious blue-haired and 14 years old teenager, Ayanami Rei.

She's beaten at the moment where Misato arrives where Shinji was waiting her. She makes him jump into her car and brings him towards an unknown yet destination, while they are chased by the extra-terrestrial monstert that Misato seems to call an "Angel".

Misato explains briefly the situation to Shinj and he, explains her his as quickly as she did (I already know that my Shinji si not talented for chatting!!) and they finally arrive in the underground complex named the "Geo Front", some sort of underground dome shiedling the NERV H.Q. and the Tokyo-3 buildings, suspended above their heads.

After being lost again in NERV hallways, Misato eventually catches with the Doctor Akagi Ritsuko, a young scientist with short blond hair, her university friend who was waiting for them.

Shinji is then led in front of the robot he saw at the surface minutes earlier : The Evangelion-01 (Eva-01). He also finds his father, Ikari Gendo (NERV Commander) and finally understands why he made his son come here : In order to pilot an Evangelion!

But Shinji doesn't want to and refuses to climb in that giant robot and risk his life like that! Then, Shinji's father calls Rei again and asks her to climb back in Eva-01. But Rei is in a sorry state (that's good for that... humph!) : bandages everywhere on the body, and some visible difficulty to move herself.

While an explosion at the surface make the entire H.Q. shake, a steel beam's gonna fall on the bridge in front of Eva-01. But Rei was just under it. Shinji, listening only to his courage (well, it must be verified, first. ;-) ) jumps over Rei to protect her... when Eva-01, by itself, moves her hand in order to keep the beam from hurting the two teenagers... It's everyone's surprise! How an Eva can react without any pilot in it? Only Shinji's father seemed pleased by that. After rethinking about it and with the help of Misato's cheers, Shinji then climbs into Eva Unit 01 and is ready to fight against the Angel... I won't tell you anything else!

It was quick, wasn't it?

I know, it wasn't a light sum up, but it had to be done in order to relate you the beginning and appeal you enough to see what'll happen next. Then, it was a summing up of the first episode of Shin Seiki Evangelion!

Evangelion, the Making Of

This series has been created by GAINAX (Nadia and the Secret of the Blue Water, Gunbuster...) and has been directed by Hideaki Anno. The first show in Japan has occured October 4th 1995 and ended March 27th 1996. I don't have the release informations about your country. You should go visit AniPike if you want more information. Neon Genesis Evangelion, it's 26 episodes, 2 movies, and all the merchandises you can hope to find usually for a series : Audio-CDs, CD-ROMs, Artbooks, models, giant posters, etc. (they are still well designed and featured).

Why is Neon Genesis Evangelion a success series, since it takes many elements deja vu? (mechas fights in cities, extraterrestrial creatures, love triangles, etc.) First, the realisation is somptuous, except for some rare occasions. The scenario is also very complex, heh. It's not because there often are batles that the series is not good. It invites the viewer to think. Unfortunately, I can't tell you more, Axel told me not to "spoil" you. Nevertheless, note that in fact Shinji's father is...HMMMMMMMPPPPP....MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! AXEL! What are you doing damnit!? Why are you touching me up, damnit?! Ecchi! Hentai Baka-kun!!!!

But Asuka, you were going to reveal something important...!

I don't care! It wasn't a reason to grope me like that! Not in public, baka!

Well, well, I understood...
But now please be more careful.

Well, were was I...? Ah! I was saying that the scenario was complex. Please note too that each episode lets us discover the personnality of the characters and study them thoroughly. Otakus (really BIG fans) are disgusted of this kind of things, and some people don't like Evangelion because they don't see more far than the tip of their nose... But actually, each Evangelion character has been carefully built up : Me, Misato, or Shinji, we each have our own personnality, our fears, our anguishes, our joys, our nature, our own reactions, even if they are unpredictable. Try just once to put yourself in our position. It's not that easy to pilot an Eva, and it's not that easy too to face our feelings and our past and to affirm them. In other words, all the characters are 3 dimensionnal. All the Evangelion characters, except some of them, had had a difficult past. Me first. Do you find easy to always protect oneself from the others behind a well, and to become almost anti-social? All this in order to avoid the pain! To avoid being hurt! Isn't it human? Isn't it real? Behind all the mechas battles, is in fact hidden a message. But it seems that the most stupid (forgive me for that word, it have to be said!) didn't understand! Each one can have his own interpretation of the Evangelion ending, as strange as it seems. It's not because GAINAX was late in their planning that we must criticize the realisation of these two last episodes! But is much more animation needed in order to deliver that message? The robot battles, it was done in order to gather everyone in front of their TV and then carry more efficiently the principal concept of the series? And then? We can't hate GAINAX for this, and not for having destroyed everyone of us (I'm speaking for everyone, me, Shinji, Rei, Misato, everyone.) in the end. A end was necessary, don't you think?

Axel just saw End Of Evangelion the other day and told me that it was terrible for his morale. Even if there is a glimpse of a commercial effect on the movie, it was a good one, perhaps not telling all the secrets behind the original series, but it was good. Have we to consider them as "shit" because they show the reality as if GAINAX had had the time to finish the series? And that these movies are much more horrible than the original ending? Really? Ask yourself the question.

Here's a short presentation of the Neon Genesis Evangelion world... Oh the text is finished! Finally I'll can get some rest! It's tiring to read a text like this, don't you think, Axel? Especially, when it's on 40 pages.

You too you don't understand anything, Asuka... Still it's you we're talking about.


Asuka, you are nothing but ungrateful.

Oh, by the way, Axel...

What now?

What you've written is very beautiful.

...Thanks, little pest.

You want some more?
I advise you to go and see at AniPike or the Evangelion FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) who deals about everything around Evangelion. And don't forget to read the Red Cross Book for even more info about Evangelion.

You can also go to the Evangelion Mailing list homepage where you'll be able to subscribe and participate in a lot of interesting discussions about Eva!

Nevertheless, it's strongly advised that you see the whole series before reading this. You would risk to spoil you some good surprises...

If you have comments about that presentation, don't hesitate a second, and write to Axel. He'll be glad to answer you!

Good! I hope that'll have pleased you!

You Know You Watch Too Much NGE When...

You Know You Watch Too Much NGE When . . .

You ask for a Super-DAT walkman for your birthday.

You go to an accessories store determined to find red hairclips that look like Interface Headsets

You wonder if Gainax can be convinced to make a teen romance/comedy spin-off based on the alternate reality scenes

You cut your hair short and dye it blue. You're only problem now is where to find red contacts.

You can insult someone a dozen different ways in German, and you don't even speak the language

You go on an uncontrollable ADV-released videos shopping spree because you're addicted to one or more of the Eva voice-actors

You change your future career goals to include becoming a mecha pilot

Your physics teacher is amazed on how quickly you grasped the concept of "thermal expansion"

You say "Guten Morgen" instead of "Good Morning" now

You've participated in a "Rei vs. Asuka" debate

You make an effort of incorporating lines from the series in everyday conversation

You've participated in a "who killed Kaji?" debate

After "Final Genesis," you've come to know and love VKLL (or other fansub distributers)

You take your little sisters doll and talk to it like it was her, just to freak out your little sister.

You can sing "Thesis of a Cruel Angel," even though you don't speak a word of Japanese!

You use a stopwatch to time the Asuka-Rei elevator scene to see how long it really is

You time the scene of Unit-01 holding the 5th Child to see if it's longer than the elevator scene

You name your house "Central Dogma" and your room "Terminal Dogma"

Your friends think there's something wrong with their ceilings because whenever you sleep-over their houses, you always look-up and say "unfamiliar ceiling"

On your Geography test, you put "Tokyo-3" as Japan's capital

No matter how many times you've seen the episodes, you're still nervous as heck during the battle scenes

You're family is wondering what a stuffed penguin is doing in the fridge

In ep. #4 when Shinji ran away and is sitting in the movie theatre, you try to figure out who the voices are in the movie he's watching (Amanda Winn Lee is the girl freaking out. Is Spike Spencer the scientist with the German accent? ^_^)

You read the one before this and made a mental note to watch the scene again

You're family is wondering why there's a stuffed penguin floating in the bathtub

In a swimming pool, you try to submerge upside down and spin around (not recommended)

You try to convince your parents to build a bomb shelter in preparation for the 2nd Impact

Whenever anything slips your mind or you have trouble remembering a particular event, you say outloud "I think that I must be the 3rd one."

You believe your school is controlled by a top-secret organization and all students are "possible candidates." Anyday now, you will get called in the principal's office and be informed of your new career.

You think "Unit-02" is a perfectly good name for your car

You wonder when you're car will "awaken"

You don't worry when your car looses a hubcap because you know it will regenerate itself eventually

You tell your girlfriend that you must "eat, breath, and sleep together" for the safety of the world *evil grin*

...You put a small motor on your switchblade so you can have your own Prog. Knife.

...You know who Mana Kirishima is.

...Your father tells you to kill your best friend. Twice.

...You refer to Eva as the German Heroin of anime.

...You refer to your room as Central Dogma.

...You want to trade places with Shinji.

...You play with Eva toys and have them do battle with legos.

...You get a Nerv tatoo

...You get a fake Nerv ID card.

...You have a small Eva following building at your school

...'Thesis of a Cruel Angel' is your song of the day, and it's playing through your head in both English and Japanese.

...You start muttering nonsensical Eva-related things in a social situation.

...You have a shrine dedicated to Rei, Kaoru, Kaoru and Shinji together, and the entire cast.

...Eva posters decorate your room.

...Your birthday and Christmas wish-lists are more than 90% Eva-related.

...Your computer software has a bug in it, so you initiate the self-destruct sequence on your computer so that the two can "co-exist"

...You hop into a friends car and fear that it might reject you

...You embezzle millions of dollars from schools and non-profit communities so you too can have an Eva.

...After a trip to Japan, you're crushed because you never found Tokyo 3

...A German transfer student comes to live with you, and you question her about her previous piloting experiences

...You don't know who was the famous general in the war of 1812, but you know all the details of Eva 04, which wasn't even completed

...You noticed that in episode 12, Misato's eyes are one shade lighter than they normally are.

...You check episode 12 after reading the previous line to see if it's really true.

...You have a physical and psychological addiction to Evangelion

...You have enough Evangelion images to wallpaper your neighborhood

...You still get tense wondering what will happen next, even though you have seen the episode six dozen times

...You seen every episode at least five hundred times, and it still hasn't worn thin on you

...It never dawns on you that others don't care about Evangelion

...When you're feeling down, you ride the subway from dawn till dusk.

...You're doing all you can to prepare for second impact in 2000.

...People forget you exist because all you do is watch Evangelion

...You fill your car with water and try to breathe throuth it while you drive.

...You have a favorite version of "Fly Me To The Moon."

...You walk out of the room in the middle of a conversation with out saying a word.

...Your head hurts.

...You think the Maji are a computer system.

...You're Waiting to hear news reports about a comet smashing into Antartica. (Second Impact.)

...You own all 26 episodes plus both movies.

...You think it's a good idea to watch the entire series in one sitting.

...You own more than one Evangelion CD.

...You have a friend who looks exactly like your mother.

...You think that the conspiracy in The X-Files is no big deal.

...You have a pet penguin.

...You believe that Angels are evil.

...You've read the Dead Sea Scrolls just because of Eva.

...You press a button on your left wrist to tighten your plug suit, and realise that you just reset your watch.

...You forget that there is such a thing as an American cartoon.

...You understand what Shinji is going through.

...You greet your friends with "I am the (your name here) that exists in your mind."

...Your fiends return your greeting with "And this is the (friend's name here) that exists in your mind."

...You refer to yourself and your siblings as 1st child, 2nd child, 3rd child, ext.

...You use Twister mats to syncronise your movements with others.

...You and a friend of the opposite sex dress exactly alike.

...You think of Eva whenever you hear Handel's Messiah.

...You have a dream about having a conversation with yourself on a trian car.