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So, here is a picture gallery from Evangelion. For each thumbnailed pic, you only have to click on it to view it fullscreen. Isn't it wonderful? Also, I did a quick comment of the pic, to please you. I am so nice, don't you think?

NOTE: The thumbnails are approx. 20-30% smaller than the original picture, expect in certain cases.

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I feel so good in my Shin-chan's arms...
Mama! You're finally there for me!
Admit that I am sexy in this thing, ne?
An exclusivity for my notebook! Alice-chan (a friend, and also Teri-chan's godmother) "made" a wedding dress for the most beautiful day of my life! I'm so happy!
Wondergirl and me in our work outfits.
Here are some very strange clothes...
I am David Copperfield's daughter, didn't you know? ^_^
A really nice drawing of me, don't you think?
Me and Wondergirl in our work outfits again!
Well, it's hot down there...
The water is a bit cold to my taste...
Wow, it hurts!
Axel? I thought that I asked you to burn this picture... Another coincidence accumulation, ne?

Err well, in fact well... What have I burnt instead?

Good question...
Me and Wondergirl in our school outfits.
BAKA-SHINJI!!!!!! :)
Sorry for earlier, Shin-chan... But you shouldn't have peeked me inside the shower, you hentai!
A nice drawing there too, ne?
Yeah when we're bored we play cards...
Me under various poses.
I love my Shin-chan, isn't that obvious?
My Shin-chan's strong... His weak façade is only an illusion.
He's so shy too... ^_^
I always think about him when he isn't here
Read the message at the bottom of the picture, it's nice...
Used with the authors' permission: WonderSteve and Jack
A very well done drawing of Akagi-hakase!
Used with the author's permission: Angel Angel
Another nice poster :-)
Aren't I sexy in that outfit?
Used with the author's permission: PATA
And there? Hm? Wipe me out that stream of saliva from your face, please... :-)
Used with the author's permission: PATA
I am really sadistic to make your poor little hormones in rage endure this... ne? :-)
Used with the author's permission: PATA
Voilà! You leered too much at me and you triggered the fury of Teri-chan! Ha! Deserves you right!
Used with the author's permission: PATA
But who's that kid next to Teri-chan!?
I'll do it, you'll see!!!
The snow is so beautifulle... I like to watch it with Shin-chan beside me...
Hehe... We are all coming back from school after a hard day of work...
Aren't I kawaii in this? ^_^
You'll probably wonder what happened to my right arm, right? I... I would like not to talk about it, sorry...
Wow, I am a star rock now! ^_^
We are a cute couple, don't you think?
But it's my Teri-chan! Look at how well she's drawn... If this isn't beautiful... This drawing is from SaturnAlice (you can visit her homepage too... She's a friend, don't hesitate (She's french, though but can speak english as well.)
I'm posing for magazines, you didn't know?
Me again in my plug-suit!
I'm duelling with my Shin-chan for the cello...
For you it'll be Madame Sohryu Asuka de Langley!
It's so hot...
One often told me that I was as beautiful as an Angel... A real Angel, I mean...
"Shin-chan? Your girlfriend speaking, you idiot! Can you come here and take me to the mall please?"
The three stooges rides again!!!
But what's this ugly thing!? How does Wondergirl to eat that!?
Don't worry, Shin-chan... No matter what I say or no matter what I do, I'll always be there...
Just a moment, our hearts in harmony
I was dentist in a previous life...
My Eva-02 is so beautiful!
Come on Shin-chan! You can beat it!
My Shin-chan's Unit-01 is almost threatening...
Nice group picture!
Hasn't Misato any shame to be in a swimsuit like that!?
From when Misato has a bike?
Nice Misato poster!
Oh, it's mommy-in-law! :-)
We don't see me smile that often, you know...
But... Why is she here!?
Ah! Wondergirl has never seen snow, of course!
It's good to rest a little under a tree sometimes...
I like to hold Teri-chan in my arms...
Teri-chan looks sad here...
My favorite kimono... :-)
A nice poster to put in your room... :-)
The Eternal Rivality... niark niark niark...
This group picture could have been better if I were on it!
Shinji! Baka Hentai! Who were you leering at, ne!?
This group picture could have been better IF REI WEREN'T ON IT!
My wonderful Eva Unit-02...