/* Animated Asuka! */

Here's a little gallery with animated GIFs! Cool, isn't it? I'm sure there are some more on the net, but still! :) New pics are on the top.

NOTE : Thumbnails are about 40-50% from the original picture. Except if the pic is too large, of course! :)

I called this Jerico's Wall! :)
No way I'm going to live with Shinji! Not now, anyways... :)
You know my name, don't you? :)
I'll teach you if you keep on peeking at me! :)
Jujuuuuuuu!!! Axel's mocking meeee!! :)
You won't see anything else! :)
Sexier than me is impossible! :)
I was cute when I was a kid, don't you think? :)
A short but rathe well done 3D sequence on me :) Take a look! :)