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Well well! What are you doing here, huh? In the middle of MY section! Of course, I can't talk about me, that would be long and not really interesting (for you anyways. Axel knows how to appreciate my company at its true value, him!). Exactly, by speaking of him, he'll describe. Come on, Axel! After you!

Well, I'm not going to go straight to the point. All those who think that Asuka is nothing but a bitch, a slut, or whatever else evil, are just stupid. Here it is. And why? Well, I'm gonna tell ya...

Why do you think I decided to pay a tribute to Sohryu Asuka Langley, even though she scorns everyone, that she doesn't stop complaining, and that she gets on the nerves of many people? Because there are people, the "stupid" ones I described above, who don't see what's in the inside. They only see a really beautiful girl just too self-confident, too self-centered, too irritating. But have they thought more about it before passing judgment on her? It's true that I can't blame those who haven't seen the entire series yet, it wouldn't be fair play coming from me, but it's precisely on the end that we learn the biggest part...

WARNING, SPOILERS! Continue at your own risk!

You'll tell me that you prefer a thousand more times Akane Tendo from Ranma, or even Madoka Ayukawa from Orange Road...But are these "anime girls" TOO perfect? Asuka's not perfect : She's like any of us. She has her bad moments, she has her own personnalité. But deep inside, she's so vulnerable, so psychologically fragile... You don't understand anything, do you? Imagine one instant that one forces you to grow up too quickly, to surpass yourself, to make you live alone too quickly. And if you had seen your mother hanging at the ceiling under your eyes, totally ignoring you, huh? Would you react the same way? Because Asuka is 3 dimensionnal, like I wrote it in the Evangelion critic, she has 3 visible faces : A sublime girl, a self-centered girl, and an irritating girl. But there are 3 hidden faces on her : Her vulnerability, her consciousness, and what's well hidden deep inside her soul. And actually, Sohryu Asuka Langley, as unbelievable as it may seem to some people, is an human being. Yes, an human being. And an human being is not perfect, far from it. We all have our qualities and our faults : Asuka own them too. More faults than qualities some people may say. And what? Qualities always erase faults. Well, that's what's supposed to be. Haven't we hard moments in our life? Moments where we all want to withdraw into ourselves, where we don't want to talk to anyone, and to keep everything for ourselves? Everything? Even our fears? Even our anguishes? Even our good sides? Not revealing anything in order not to feel hurt, here is the psychology of the characters from Evangelion, and particularly Asuka.

Okay it's a real bitch sometimes. Okay she gets on our nerves with her "Anta Baka ?!" and with her way to scorn everything that's moving... But there are so much things to discover! If Shinji has never been able to become her friend, doesn't mean that she's a bad person! Why are we all living on prejudice? Why don't we see what's inside? Which excuse do we have? That one "oh but it's to hard and too long, I have some other things to do"? Come on, I'm gonna use my example.

I'm not like you all, I'm almost blind you know. Still, I'm adapting myself. I try to live with everyone else. People who know me know that I'm a nice and interesting person. The problem is that I scare most of them. When I'm working at my high school, I have a computer notebook with me, mainly to write, because I can't handwrite, I'm too slow. My eyesight may be low, but the one of the those I work with is even smaller sometimes. People find me anti-social because I'm withdrawing into a world : the computer and Anime one (but it's another subject, I'll just ignore this for now.). And ? Those who DARED come near me, those who DARED ask me "hey what are you doing right now?" had their reward. Without wanting to brag, they have now a good friend. Those who wanted to go farther by approaching me, the most courageous know that I'm a kind person.

All that stuff to say that Asuka and myself are alike. Not to the same point of course... But if it's true that sometimes, I can be really irritating, by teasing the people I like the most, like Asuka does with Shinji. And? Where's the problem? Does that mean that none of us has a chance to live in society normally? That we are condemned?

Asuka is human. Yes, human, and that's her most interesting asset. I love this manga character because he reminds me of myself, because she showed me what's not to do if I wanted to keep being withdrawn into myself like that. And after I saw Evangelion, I stoke up much more friendships than I had before. And... Yeah I like her too because she's cute (heh I'm a guy, aren't I? :-))

All that declaration so that you finally notice at which point Evangelion and Sohryu Asuka Langley are interesting. Okay. I've finished. No one reads anymore, but I don't mind, at least I had said it all.

Asuka? Something's wrong...? You...no...You're crying?

Sniff...Guillaume no baka...

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